The Offer

The JVIC Program consists of THREE main components:
Community, Training, and our Live Event.


At the core of the JV Insider Circle is our membership site. Think “” for Joint Ventures.

It is a site where members can search by list size, niche, or keywords, and can instantly connect with other members to form successful partnerships.

In addition to the huge value of being in a community of other people waiting to partner with them, the members will also receive monthly training calls with top JV experts (like you).

We also have a very active and supportive, private Facebook group where our members can connect.

The JV INSIDER CIRCLE membership is $197 a month.


We offer a JV Mastery Training Program that teaches people EVERYTHING they need to know about becoming a World Class JV Partner – from the basics required to get started to creating a top selling product to how to leverage themselves via JV’s to build their list and more. It is a complete blueprint for JV success.

This is a $2000 program, included free with membership.

We also offer a Product Creation Clinic. This is a Hands-On Virtual Bootcamp where we help our clients come up with a product that their clients and JV partners will love.

This is a $2000 program, also included free with membership.


As a BONUS everyone who buys will get a FREE TICKET to our JV EXPERIENCE Live 3-Day event, November 7-9 in Newport Beach, California.

This is a $997 value.